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Listening Eloquently to Lesser-Known Voices

Any discussion and deliberation about social and educational issues must seek out information from a variety of sources, question and critically examine that information, and think carefully and imaginatively about different ways of  interpreting and making sense out of that … Continue reading

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The slippery slope of making decisions to accomodate to a world that is “not that bad”

It’s the end of the weekend, and I just watched a really good movie with my 12 year old son.  It’s a very good movie and the title is Good. [ ]  It’s a story about how an ordinary, somewhat progressive … Continue reading

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The Pat Tillman Story–a case study in the importance of curiosity

Last night, my wife, Janet, and I watched the film, The Tillman Story [ see also: ].  It’s an eye opening and moving story of either, at worst, government cover-up of a politically motivated pre-meditated murder, or, at the least, crass government and military efforts to falsify … Continue reading

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The new media–social networking and blogging–a double edged sword?

So, what are the potentials and the pitfalls of the new media?  Are they tools for engagement–to promote collaborative inquiry, collective mindfulness and even organizing for social change?  Or, are they distractions and tools for disengagement—do they seduce us into … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog, and really to the blog that belongs to any and all of you who are both deeply concerned, but still hopeful, about the predicament in which we find ourselves today–in our country and in the world.  I’ve decided to … Continue reading

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