For Inquiring Activists! Latest Important News and Commentary in Search of Justice and Progressive Social Change

As part of my continuing efforts to educate myself and others, I’m devoting this blog to highlighting eight news stories and commentaries from this past couple of weeks, and to sharing with everyone a couple of key sources of insightful commentary and research about current events and about challenges and prospects for bringing about
progressive social change.  We should all be heartened by the resilient, continuing “Occupy Wall Street” Movement, and we should increase our energy–our efforts to take informed action in the face of the many challenges to be addressed–in light of this, and other hopeful developments.

First, here are links to eight especially worthwhile articles—commentaries and news items of interest to those of us who remain curious, inquiring and committed to social justice:

Next, I want you to know that I have added to my “links” page, the following two key sources of important commentaries and latest news and research on progressive social change:

1. Nation of Change

NationofChange is a 501(c)3 nonprofit news organization that provides an online magazine, daily newsletter, and community platform free to the public. We report 24/7 on critical issues affecting our democracy with a focus on positive solutions to social and political problems.
We are committed to peace, social equality, human rights, and environmental conservation. We believe that dedicated individuals armed with knowledge and fueled by compassion and optimism can enact dramatic change even in a world fraught with corruption and injustice.
NationofChange accepts no advertisements or corporate financing. We are directly funded by small donations from the public whom we serve. We believe that this distinction is essential to the production of reliable journalism and truly independent thought.

2. In These Times

In These Times is a nonprofit and independent newsmagazine committed to political and economic democracy and opposed to the dominance of transnational corporations and the tyranny of marketplace values over human values. In These Times is dedicated to reporting the news with the highest journalistic standards; to informing and analyzing movements for social, environmental and economic justice; and to providing an accessible forum for debate about the policies that shape our future.

I would be very interested in hearing from you about your thoughts and ideas, in light of these, and related commentaries and news items!

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About John Bilorusky

John Bilorusky is President of WISR and Member of WISR's core faculty. John was one of WISR's four founders in 1975, and WISR has been, and will continue to be, the hub of his professional and community involvements. John received his BA from the University of Colorado (cum laude in Physics and cum laude in General Studies) in 1967. He received his MA from the University of California at Berkeley in 1968 and his PhD in Higher Education from UC Berkeley in 1972. He has also held major faculty appointments in the College of Community Services at the University of Cincinnati (1971-73), in the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Studies at UC Berkeley (1970-71) and at University Without Walls-Berkeley (1973-74). He has actively written and published in the field of adult learning and social change. He lives with his wife, Janet, and 18-year-old twins, Kyle and Nicole. Janet is a nurse at the Regional Center of the East Bay, serving and supporting people with developmental disabilities. Kyle and Nicole are currently enrolled at Berkeley City College. He has an adult son, Clark, who has a Master's in Asian American Studies from San Francisco State, and who lives with his wife, Donna, and their two children, Ilaw and Tala, in Vallejo, CA. Clark provides Tech Support in the Union City School District.
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